<p>The <strong>ABC Home Furnishings</strong> credit card gives you the flexibility to pay for your in-store purchases over time while you enjoy your new furniture now.</p> <h3><a href="">Apply online for instant pre-approval before you shop!</a></h3> <p><a href="" title="Apply Now" target="_blank"><img src="/theme1/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/apply.gif" alt="apply" title="Apply Now" width="146" height="39" /></a></p> <p>As an <strong>ABC Home Furnishings</strong> cardholder, you'll enjoy these benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Convenient monthly payments</li> <li>A revolving line of credit for your future furniture needs</li> <li>Special promotional offers where available, including no-interest and reduced rate interest plans</li> <li>No annual fee and no prepayment penalties</li> <li>An easy-to-use online bill payment option</li> </ul> <p>The <strong>ABC Home Furnishings</strong> credit card is provided by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, a subsidiary of <a title="Wells Fargo Financial" href="" target="_blank">Wells Fargo Financial</a>. Wells Fargo Financial is an affiliate of <a title="Wells Fargo Bank, N.A" href="" target="_blank">Wells Fargo Bank, N.A</a></p>